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My mission of MetonBoss is to precision machine the most variety of knife scales using exotic billets forged by world renowned makers, including Alpha Knife Supplies, Vegas Forge, Rietveld Knives and Sakmar Enterprises. These exotic metals I machine include, but not limited to: ZircuTi (Black Timascus ™, Timascus ™ (also known as MokuTi or Titanium Damascus), Mokume Gane, Dragonskin Damascus, Nebula Damascus as well as Damascus Steel Stainless.


Black Zirconium, Titanium and the standard Copper and Brass scales are also great choices for anyone to upgrade their knife collection.


I have developed a new proprietary heat engraving process that will truly make your knife unique.


All my scales are CNC machined inhouse in my Anaheim, CA machine shop.


Thank you for visiting, come back for more. I continuously design new scales for many knife brands.


Sean Krizan, CEO

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