What are the DIMENSIONS?

All MetonBoss Tops are 1.235" (3.13 cm) diameter width and 1.238" (3.14 cm) tall, they are slightly bigger than most metal spinning tops, and spin longer.


The All-in-One SPINNING BASE & DOCK SIZE: 3.9" x 4.1" x 0.47" height. The black glass spin surface is 70mm (=2.756") diameter.

How does WEIGHT of the Top effect SPIN TIME?

Which MetonBoss Top SPINS LONGEST? Spin time is definitely effected by the weight of the MetonBoss Top. The heavier the metal, the longer the spinner normally spins (it also depends on your spinning technique, experience and surface you spin it on). Even though all MetonBoss spinner have the same exact design, they have different weights depending on the type of solid metal bars we used to manufacture them (see Shop Now what metal types we have available).

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HOW LONG do MetonBoss tops spin for?

MetonBoss Tops are precision machined on German and Japanese CNC machines from solid bars using the highest grade metals and alloys from the USA and you can expect longer spin times than most of the tops elsewhere.            


SPIN TIME depends on several FACTORS:         


    1.) WEIGHT of Spinner (metal type used to manufacture it - further info under "How does WEIGHT of the Spinner effect SPIN TIME? "),                    


    2.) METHOD of spinning and your SKILLS. It gets better over time as you gain more experience spinning them. See a video we made on YouTube on spinning times of various tops we've made.                    


    3.) SURFACE you spin it on. The smoother the surface is, the longer spin time you get due to less friction that slows down any spinner. You can buy our MetonBoss Dock that not only helps you display the MetonBoss spinners in your home, office or anywhere you are but also gives you a better spinning experience with the MetonBoss Top staying in one area. You can also spin it on a glass table or kitchen granite countertop.                  


Spin time therefore can range from 2.5 minutes (aluminum tops) to as long as 8.45 minutes (brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc.) that was our longest time tested. MetonBoss Tungsten tops spin the longest, as long as 12 minutes.

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