MetonBoss Niobium Worry Coin, Molybdenum, Zirconium, Tungsten, Nickel, Titanium, Copper

✔️ These worry coins are machined out of the most sought after exotic metals.


✔️ BENEFIT of carrying a Worry Coin with you - The smoothness and the size of the MetonBoss Worry Coin feels good in the hand and the pocket. Used for relaxation or anxiety relief. They are used by holding the Worry Coins between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the coin. Some call it "thumb stone" / "thumb coin" or "thumb worry stone" / "thumb worry coin". This action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the coin can reduce stress, hence the expression "rubbing coins reduce anxiety" / "rubbing stones to reduce stress".


Some people also use them during meditation practices, this is known to center a persons concentration benefiting the meditation.


It makes a great birthday present or buy them for any occasion, such as wedding favours, for your loved ones and friends. We give you an extra one with your order just for you to keep. 


CUSTOMIZABLE worry coins: You can request personalization (select and add to cart last dropdown item PERSONALIZATION as well as the Worry Coins you are purchasing).


NB: Personalization is not possible on not recommended on some of the worry coins, such as:






METALS: We offer the widest metal selection of Worry Coins: You will get two coins for the price of one - 17 different metals you can choose from: 


1. Tungsten (90% Tungsten, 6% Nickel , 4% Copper Blend Alloys)
2. Black Tungsten (90% Tungsten, 6% Nickel , 4% Copper Blend Alloys)
3. Pure Niobium (used in SuperConductors - atomic number 41)
4. Pure Molybdenum (atomic number 42)
5. Timascus / MokuTi Damascus (3 alloy)
6-8. Superconductor (machined, + flamed, + etched & flamed)
9. Pure Zirconium (atomic number 40)
10. Pure Black Zirconium (atomic number 40)
11. Pure Nickel (atomic number 28)
12. Greek Ascoloy (chromium-nickel-tungsten martensitic alloy)
13. Stainless Steel 304
14. Pure Titanium (Grade 2) (atomic number 22)
15. Pure Copper (atomic number 29)
16. Brass (60.66% copper, 36.58% zinc, 1.02% tin, and 1.74% iron)
17. Bronze (consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12–12.5% tin)



♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ S P E C I A L: With every $150 purchase or more, you get ONE of the following, just let me know your choose at the time of your purchase:

1. a Titanium surprise gift ($80 retail value), or

2. Additional 10% off on your next purchase.



✔️ PRECISION - Each MetonBoss Worry Coin is CNC precision machined in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA from a 1.25" diameter solid metal bar using the highest grade metals from the USA. Once machined and polished, each section is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.

NB: Some of the coins are heat treated (flamed). Flaming is not a scientific process, it's done manually and colors may slightly vary. I hope you will enjoy my creation.

✔️ SERIAL NUMBER / COLLECTIBLE - They are then marked with a unique SERIAL NUMBER (except Copper) to make it a collectible item for yourself or as a gift that can be passed down from generations to generations.

* WIDTH: 1.235" (31.3 mm) diameter  (exc. SC, slightly smaller)
* HEIGHT: 0.2" (5 mm) (exc. SC, slightly smaller, Timascus 0.15" = 3.8mm)



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2 Worry Coins for the price of 1! Widest selection of Metals!

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