30mm High polished Solid Tungsten Carbide Sphere Ball EDC Stress relief
High precision, High polished Solid 30mm Tungsten Carbide (WCa) sphere + Glow in the dark Dock/Stand. 
This sphere is high polished, uncoated with high tolerances of +-0.000015” G25 and great for spinning tops (if you want to machine a big one).
Great to carry with you anywhere as an EDC fidget item. It is also a nice desk ornament or use it to feed your scientific hunger :)Tungsten, or wolfram (W), is a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number 74. It is a rare metal found on Earth. W has the highest melting point of all the elements discovered (3,422 °C = 6,192 °F). Its density is 19.25 times that of water, comparable with that of uranium and gold. Hard to machine. It is the heaviest element known to be essential to any living organism.
Collect all different metals to feel the weight differences from the lightest Magnesium sphere to the heaviest Tungsten sphere that’s 10x heavier!
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The most unique metal sphere you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
 * 30mm diameter 
 * WEIGHT: 207gr
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30mm High polished Solid Tungsten Carbide Sphere Ball EDC Stress relief