30mm Ruby sphere Ruby ball Corundum Stress relief Banger Dab Vapor s
30mm Mega Ruby sphere. Due to its size, minor surface white spots appear.
WEIGHT: 55.57gr
Buy two (get one free) and fiddle with them in your pocket or anywhere you are bored. Buy even more and get big discounts.
Relieve your stress! Or use them as beads or for any recreational, artistic and scientific purposes. Many people are using these Rubies with concentrates, vaporizers, bangers, dabs, dab rigs and dabbing.
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Polished Synthetic Lab Created Gem: aluminium oxide with chromium, Al2O3:Cr, 3rd hardest after diamond on a Mohs scale hardness
9.0, diamond being 10. The Rubies are excellent for severe environments. They have a high temperature working range, high strength, high hardness and high chemical stability. 
The listing is for synthetic red ruby corundum round beads with no hole.
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30mm Ruby sphere Ruby ball Corundum Stress relief Banger Dab Vapor s