✔️ I machined this #6 Blue-Fluorescent SuperGlow Meton-Bead that can be used to compliment any lanyard on a knife, flashlight or key-chain. Glows in the dark up to 12-24 hours.

No more looking for your things in the dark. You can color code your keys for your family or easily find anything in the dark (such as your friends in the club or your pet wondering in the dark).

✔️ I used unique proprietary SuperGlow that makes it a special collectible item and fun to play with for a long time. It is made with a high quality clear epoxy resin to allow the most possible light into the Glow to produce a vibrant glow for the longest possible time!

✔️ CHARGING it: The SuperGlow charges very fast in direct sunlight, but with a good LED light (such as a flashlight) or any other light source you can charge it as well. It charges extremely fast with UV flashlight and shows its glow color right away!

✔️ It's also a great pendant or even a spinning top dock to display your valued spinning top.

✔️ Lightweight to carry with you anywhere.

Blue-Fluorescent SuperGlow in the Dark Knife lanyard bead Keychain Pendant Neckl