Buy 10 get 5 FREE TurboGlow in the Dark Knife lanyard bead Keychain
Buy 10 get 5 FREE. I machined theseTurboGlow SuperGlow Meton-Beads to compliment any lanyard on a knife, flashlight, key-chain or Dog tag. Glows in the dark for hours, some colors even up to 12-24 hours (fades eventually), depending on the color you select:
1. Green - the brightest and glowing the longest, then 
2. Aqua,
5. Lime, & 
9. Orange.
Some other colors may be considered "weak" by some customers, but others like them for various reasons. All sales are final, no refunds, only exchange.
SELECT your colors and let me know in the comment section at checkout which ones and how many you want.
1. Green (brightest)
2. Aqua 
3. Sky Blue ( = Blue to Blue)
4. Blue
5. Lime
6. Fireball Red (add $10) ( = White to Red)
7. Purple 
8. Neon Magenta
9. Orange
10. Yellow
11. White 
No more looking for your lost keys in the dark. Now you can also color code your keys for your family or easily find your lost friends in the dark (such as in the club) and see where you loved pet is wondering about in the dark. 
I used unique proprietary SuperGlow that makes it a specialitem and fun to play with for a long time. It is made with a high quality clear epoxy resin to allow the most possible light into the Glow to produce a vibrant glow for the longest possible time!
CHARGING it: The SuperGlow charges very fast in direct sunlight, but with a good LED light (such as a flashlight) or any other light source you can charge it as well. It charges extremely fast with UV flashlight and shows its glow color right away!
It's also a great pendant or even a spinning top dock to display your valued spinning top.
Lightweight to carry with you anywhere. 
 S P E C I A L: With every $200 purchase or more, you get a Titanium, Zirconium, Greek Ascoloy or Copper surprise gift (up to $80 retail value) (Note: the $200 is for the net amount, not including tax and shipping. One free gift per address. The following items do NOT QUALIFY: Discounted items, including 2 for 1 offers and items on sale or if paid with a discount coupon. Also do NOT qualify for the free item: any orders with knife installation (as I get these knives at retail price) and custom orders not listed in my etsy store. 
The most unique GLOW bead/pendant you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
PRECISION: Each MetonBoss Knife lanyard/bead/pendant ismachined from a 1" diameter solid world famous TurboGLOW bar in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA. Once machined, it is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.
 * WIDTH: 0.98" (24.9mm) diameter 
 * HEIGHT: 0.16 (4mm)
 * WEIGHT: 1.5gr
Our turn around time is about 3-6 business days. 
We appreciate your support and love for MetonBoss EDC products, including Spinning Tops, Spinning Coins and Spin Bases!

Buy 10 get 5 FREE TurboGlow in the Dark Knife lanyard bead Keychain