✔️ PERFORMER SS 416 / SS 304 / RUBY Spinning Top


DAMA WAVE Polished / Engraved STAINLESS STEEL 416 Rotor with precision milled, flamed STAINLESS STEEL 304 Stem with side grips.


Smooth 10-13 min spin with Ruby bearing for long life cycle. 


* WIDTH: 1.23" (3.12 cm) diameter

* HEIGHT: 0.83" (2.11 cm)

* WEIGHT: 1.19oz = 34g


✔️ PRECISION - Each MetonBoss PERFORMER Spinning Top is CNC precision machined in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA from a 1.25" diameter solid metal bar using the highest grade metals from the USA. Once machined and polished, each section is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.

✔️ BENEFIT - Fidgeting with your Spinning Top has been shown to improve focus and boost memory, as well as promote relaxation in adults and children likewise. This small, but durable Spinning Top can be useful for those dealing with ADHD, stress, and Autism, so CALM DOWN and get your spinner today!


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Dama Wave Stainless Steel PERFORMER Spinning Top with Ruby bearing

  • Lifetime warranty on all Top Spinners. SERIAL NUMBER LASER ENGRAVED with our logo on all of our Top Spinners. They have individually gone through inspection to get you only the finest quality.

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