EDC Spinning Top Get Your message on this Titanium Perfect Unique
Engrave any Custom message on this Titanium Spinning Top The most unique Custom Top you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
 S P E C I A L: With every $200 purchase or more, you get a Titanium, Zirconium, Greek Ascoloy or Copper surprise gift (up to $80 retail value) (Note: the $200 is for the net amount, not including tax and shipping. One free gift per address. The following items do NOT QUALIFY: Discounted items, including 2 for 1 offers and items on sale or if paid with a discount coupon. Also do NOT qualify for the free item: any orders with knife installation (as I get these knives at retail price) and custom orders not listed in my etsy store. 
PRECISION - Each MetonBoss Spinning Top isprecision machined in our manufacturing facility in California, USA using the highest grade metals from the USA.
MATERIAL: Highest Quality Solid Titanium (Aerospace Grade 5) from the USA
FINISH: Hand Polished Titanium with Laser Engraving
SERIAL NUMBER - Fiber Laser marked with a unique Serial Number as well as with our logo reserved for only the finest quality to make it aitem for yourself or as a gift that can be passed down from generations to generations
 > WIDTH:1.235" (3.13 cm) diameter
 > HEIGHT: 1.238" (3.14 cm) 
WEIGHT: 21g = 0.74 Oz
SPIN TIME: 4x longer than our main competition! - We have made thousands of spin tests and our customers have also confirmed it. All MetonBoss Spinning Tops are slightly bigger than most metal spinning tops, perfectly balanced for longer spinning.
QUALITY: All MetonBoss Spinning Tops have individually gone through inspection to get you only the finest quality.
BENEFIT - Fidgeting with your Spinning Top has been shown to improve focus and boost memory, as well as promote relaxation in adults and children likewise. This small, but durable Spinning Top can be useful for those dealing with ADHD, stress, and Autism, so GET your spinning top today and RELAX!
H O W T O O R D E R 
 Simply add your CUSTOM message above the "Add to cart" button to order your CUSTOM Titanium Spinning Top with your MESSAGE.
Max 35 characters (including space and any special characters) and it will be engraved at the top surface of your Titanium MetonBoss Spinning Top in a circular manner (as seen in the pictures above).
Messages can be laser engraved on two sides of the Titanium Spinning Top with an additional fee of $10. If you want an engraving on one side of the charm, choose ONE SIDED*. If you want engravings on both sides, choose DOUBLE SIDED*. This way you can 35 additional characters to your custom message, totaling 70 characters!
All items are custom made to order. Our turn aroundtime is about 1-3 business days. 
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EDC Spinning Top Get Your message on this Titanium Perfect Unique