This is a special edition polished Mega XL Meton-VAULT Pill box Stash box: Black Zirconium

RainbowBlack Zirconium: Pure ZIRCONIUM (Zr Atomic number 40) is a lustrous, grey-white, very strong, lightweight and hypoallergenic metal that closely resembles hafnium and, to a lesser extent, titanium. Zirconium is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion and it is lighter than steel.

Through my own heating process, I create a unique appearance, that’s called “RAINBOW-Black Zirconium”. Through this high heat, a layer of extremely hard black oxide grows on the metal. This thin rainbow-black layer is much harder than pure Zirconium, which does not rub off over time from your Meton-VAULT. Therefore, it is more durable than black-coated items, such as black tungsten and titanium. This rainbow-black color is permanent, it does not fade, tarnish, or change color.

You can purchase this polished version or select a machined finish version that’s slightly matte, not shiny as the polished version.

MetonVault has a wide opening, normally triple the size compared to others out there for more storage space. Fits in your jeans small pocket as well.

Mega XL Black Zirconium Meton-VAULT Pill box Stash box MetonBoss Every Day Carry