Rare SUPERCONDUCTOR Worry Coin Stress relief EDC EDC gear
I machined this Rare SUPERCONDUCTOR Worry Coin from a 1.3" diameter solid Superconductor bar. A superconductor (Niobium tiny rods in Copper) is a very rare, hard to get and expensive metal that can conduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another with no resistance. Superconductors are used to make extremely powerful electromagnets to accelerate charged particles very fast (to near the speed of light). This is a special metal, a great collector's item.
I offer 3 surface finishes:
1.) Machined only
2.) + Polished + Flamed(see another listing for this option at https://www.etsy.com/listing/774223633/rare-high-polished-superconductor)
3.) + Deep Etched + Polished + Flamed (as shown on photos)
NB: Flaming is not a scientific process, it's done manually and colors may slightly vary. I hope you will enjoy my creation.
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The most unique Worry Coins you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
PRECISION - Each MetonBoss Worry Coin isprecision machined in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA from a 1.3" diameter solid SUPERCONDUCTOR metal bar. Once machined, polished and flamed, it is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.

 item for yourself or as a gift that can be passed down from generations to generations.

 * WIDTH: 1.29" (32.76 mm) diameter 
 * HEIGHT: 0.15" (0.38 cm)
 * WEIGHT: 17.7g = 0.62 Oz
BENEFIT #1 - The size of the MetonBoss Worry Coin feels good in the hand and the pocket. Used for relaxation or anxiety relief. They are used by holding the Worry Coins between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone. This action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the coin can reduce stress. 
Some people also use them during meditation practices, this is known to center a persons concentration benefiting the meditation.
BENEFIT #2 - Fidgeting with your Worry Coin has been shown to improve focus and boost memory, as well as promote relaxation in adults and children likewise. This small, but durable Coin can be useful for those dealing with ADHD, stress, and Autism, so GET yours today and RELAX!
Some INFO about SUPERCONDUCTORS: Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and the expulsion of magnetic flux fields that occurs in certain materials, called superconductors, when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature. It was discovered by Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes on April 8, 1911, in Leiden.
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Rare SUPERCONDUCTOR Worry Coin Stress relief EDC EDC gear