Superconductor BigDots pendant Keychain Key fob Necklace Menin�s
I machined this Superconductor BigDots Pendant / Keychain or use it as a special Dog tag. 
 S P E C I A L: With every $200 purchase or more, you get a Titanium, Zirconium, Greek Ascoloy or Copper surprise gift (up to $80 retail value) (Note: the $200 is for the net amount, not including tax and shipping. One free gift per address. The following items do NOT QUALIFY: Discounted items, including 2 for 1 offers and items on sale or if paid with a discount coupon. Also do NOT qualify for the free item: any orders with knife installation (as I get these knives at retail price) and custom orders not listed in my etsy store. 
About the Metal: 
The SUPERCONDUCTOR cable is made up of many thin highly conductive Titanium and Niobium alloy rods, which are then insulated with copper and formed into a large cable. The ring's pattern is formed by the layers of the Niobium-Titanium Alloy and Copper crossing through the ring at different points. Each Superconductor ring will look different. The result of patterns will vary based on cable and cut. 
SAFETY: Superconductor has no known heath hazards.
Superconductor material contains Copper. 
Due to the presence and features of Copper, this pendant will form patina on it's surface.
The most unique metal pendant you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
PRECISION: Each MetonBoss pendant ismachined from a solid Superconductor billet in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA. Once machined, it is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.
 * 1” diameter 
 * HEIGHT: 0.15”
The silver plated necklace on the pictures is NOT included in the purchase. 
Our turn around time is about 3-6 business days. 
We appreciate your support and love for MetonBoss EDC products.

Superconductor BigDots pendant Keychain Key fob Necklace Menin�s