Superconductor v2 Spinning Top Dock Timascus Spinning Top Base Every Day Carry

✔️ I machined and high polished these Spinning Top Docks so that you can display your valued spinning tops.

1. TIMASCUS (MokuTi Damascus): I use a 3-Alloy Timascus (also known as MokuTi or Titanium Damascus) bar to machine this beautiful colored Meton-Dock. Mokuti Damascus is made of layers of 3 different titanium alloys. It is stacked and forged (in ways that are unique to each rod) into a single solid round rod. I machine this rod to produce a visually dynamic, layered material. The technique is similar to the Mokume-gane style of metalworking from Japan.

2. SUPERCONDUCTOR BigDots v2: Machined from a 1" diameter solid Superconductor v2 bar. A superconductor (Niobium tiny rods in Copper) is a very rare, hard to get and expensive metal that can conduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another with no resistance. Superconductors are used to make extremely powerful electromagnets to accelerate charged particles very fast (to near the speed of light). This is a special metal, a great collector's item.

3. DRAGONSKIN Damascus: It is a special forged steel that's only made by one engineer in the world.


4. ZircuTi (Black Timascus): ZircuTi bar is a special layering of zirconium, 6AL-4V titanium and CP2 titanium. What sets it apart from other layered titanium is that zirconium turns black or dark grey when heat is applied; therefore you get beautiful blues, purples, with slivers of black. This is one of my favorites.

✔️ They can also be used to compliment any lanyard on a knife, flashlight or key-chain.

✔️ They are also great pendants

✔️ Lightweight to carry with you anywhere.

Check out many more EXOTIC and STANDARD metals under the BEADS section of my store.

✔️ ✔️ S P E C I A L: With every $190 purchase or more, you get a special Titanium surprise gift ($80 retail value).

✔️ COLLECTIBLE: can be passed down from generations to generations.

♥ The most unique metal spinning top DOCK (bead/pendant) you will find, perfect gift for you and your loved ones ♥


✔️ PRECISION: Each MetonBoss Spinning Top Dock (Knife lanyard/bead/pendant) is CNC machined from a 1" diameter solid bar in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA. Once machined, polished and deep etched for a whole day, it is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.

* WIDTH: 0.98" (24.9mm) diameter
* HEIGHT: 0.16 (4mm)
* WEIGHT: 7 to 11gr


P R O C E S S I N G ∙ T I M E

• Our turn around time is about 1-3 business days.

Superconductor v2 Spinning Top Dock Timascus Spinning Top Base Every Day Carry

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