Timascus pill case Stash box pill bottle EDC Survival gear
I machined this Meton-VAULT wallet/pocket Pill Box / Stash box from a solid piece of Timascus rod.
I use a 3-Alloy TIMASCUS (also known as MokuTi or Titanium Damascus) bar to machine this beautiful Meton-Vault. Mokuti is made of layers of 3 different titanium alloys. It is stacked and forged (in ways that are unique to each rod) into a single solid round rod. I machine this rod to produce a visually dynamic, layered material. The technique is similar to the Mokume-gane style of metalworking from Japan.
MetonVault has a wide opening, normally triple the size compared to others out there for more storage space. Fits in your jeans small pocket as well.
You can also use it to securely store and carry every day:
- medicines/pills,
- precious stones,
- cash,
- notes,
- candy,
- herbs,
- Gambit coins (13 pieces of the standard size)
- ash (your dog, cat, pet or any other ash),
- sand,
- earth,
- matches, etc.
DIMENSIONS of the complete DOUBLE XL METON-VAULT (including the CAP & BODY):
1.23” Outer Diameter
1.01” (=25.6mm) inner diameter
STANDARD XL Length inside: 1.9” = 48.26mm (outside: 2” = 50.8mm)
Every Day Carry
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Perfect gift for you and your loved ones 
PRECISION - Each MetonVault isprecision machined in our Anaheim manufacturing facility in California, USA from 1.25" diameter solid bar using the highest grade metals from the USA. Once machined, each section is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.

FLAMING is not a scientific process, it's done by hand and colors may slightly vary. Your order will be unique, and will not look exactly like the one on the picture. Patterns and colors may slightly vary also due to the nature of MokuTi bars as they are forged. I hope you will enjoy my creation.
 item that can be passed down from generations to generations.

Our turn around time is about 3-6 business days. 
 - MetonVault
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Timascus pill case Stash box pill bottle EDC Survival gear